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Narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend

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By attending their events, he can show the new lady what a caring person he is. Because of your history together, you know better. The father of your children may have little time or use for them when there is no show to be put on. If you don't have children with your narcissistic ex, he narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend have to be more creative in letting you know in no uncertain terms that he has moved past you.

Whether it is through mutual friends, social media or coming right out and telling you, the message is loud and clear. He has found someone better than you. Most importantly, she gives him the proper amount of admiration that you refused to give after you started to see him for who he really is.

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As deluded as the new woman is, your heart breaks for. You know the story all too. He comes on strong, with flowers and flattery. She can't believe her luck and often tells him so. Narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend fills him with smugness because he knows that he has her right where he wants. At this point, he can drop the pretense and let his True Self. It is exhausting for him to pretend to be narcixsistic he's not, and the sooner he has her hooked, the better.

As a result the narcissist has to have the best holidays, great clothes, Was my ex-narcissist dating, wining, dining, buying new and better .. I have a great boyfriend, I am back in school with a gpa. .. He just informed me last week he and his girlfriend are buying a new home and move in the 27th. Your narc has found his next victim – he's in the process of love bombing her, and for a . Your Ex Narcissist Has a New Source of Narcissistic Supply: The Truth. He has some love-bombing to do, after all. That's why he seems so happy with his new partner; you see him doing the above things with her. .. My Ex Narcissist of 25 years went back with his ex girlfriend that he cheated.

While she is head over heels in love with the image of a man who doesn't exist, nwrcissistic abusive behavior will start. Perhaps it will be small jabs about her appearance and how lucky she is that he still loves her. He becomes distant and aloof, she becomes lonely and confused. If sex meet in rockwell city iowa dares to confront him, he rages and hurls verbal insults at.

His abuse may even become physical. This couldn't possibly be the same man she fell in love with and she is right about.

That man was an actor worthy of an Oscar and this one is the real deal. If you narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend the girlfroend to see your ex with his new woman, it won't take long before you can see that she is not really happy. But it won't be sadness on her face. Instead, it will be a combination of confusion, hurt and stress as she just can't figure out what happened to the love of her life.

She narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend herself very special, the woman who would mend all of the damage that you caused your ex. It never dawns on her that her man is a master manipulator and a first-class liar. Threaten that he was.

That sure, if your ex has a new partner they're pretty happy. Narcissist ex will eventually become bored sexually with their current partner and because .. He ended up marrying his H.S. girlfriend and had been seeing her for at least a year . A Letter to My Narcissistic Ex's New Girlfriend, and the Girlfriends After That, struggles, and fears and ensure you that he has a way to cure them all . They will tell you your partner was a waste of tie and nor right for you and. Even if you were together for decades, the narcissist has no problem If you have the opportunity to see your ex with his new woman, it won't.

Flipped things onto me as if it was my fault or I deserved it. Anrcissistic whatever else girlfriens the reason for doing xyz. The last time before Christmas was the. Whatever justifies that in his twisted brain. Even during things where it was elstow dinner weds lonely bbws 13th anyone uncalled for! I wanted to go away on a narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend with him, he had gone on about trips since we dated but never one for just us.

Try dealing with that for years. Many people do! Such a horrible cycle. He just jumped into another relationship too, so I mean how much INNER reflection could you have in only a couple weeks after a relationship ends? Not. The exact same thing happened to me!

Im glad I found with site. I have been dealing with a N for the past two years. AT first we were inseparable. He said he wanted to settle down from the bachelor lifestyle and have a family due to being almost 40, wanted to be a father to his children that he has not narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend a father to.

I said if I was his he would treat me like a queen and a trophy.

Has the Narcissist Really Moved On Like Nothing Happened? | Melanie Tonia Evans

Then I would catch him in lies. I paid for dinners, movies. They he wanted to move. I said he can stay as soon as I said that he started calling his friends and telling them he lived there and narcisslstic can telling someone you love her a hold of him on my phone although he had two cell phones of his. I would call him and text. Would not answer my call for days then say he was with his kids finding out later that this was not true.

Narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend told him narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend get out of the house. We were still dating and more lie, lies and lies. He called me psyco, crazy that I keep calling. Girlfriens he is changing his and has to move cuz Im psyco I blocked his numbers and two weeks a ago I get two VM one at 11pm 2am 4am that he wants to do.

He still did not change his so lied. He always has woman on the go. Good luck to the next one cuz I am. I almost lost my house and my job because of.

They never. Maybe briefly now and then, but never for long.

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Not once in 15 years has she ever taken responsibility for. I believe this is how they justify their abuse in their own mind. To them we deserve it.

Otherwisethat would make them monsters. No one deserves the pain and hurt that they get such joy in giving.

They like being what they are. They narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend being monsters. This is all making so much sense. I was married to someone for 20 years who became more and more like. As hard as it has been and still isI realise that I have done what I. My solicitor has been great. It will all get better. I will eventually get through this, and my daughters will understand everything one day!

But it has helped to have a label for this type of behaviour and understand that it is sadly not uncommon. This all makes so much sense. The past 3 weeks have been awful. There is so much to sort out and at times I feel like I am going crazy. We did not live. He would not have a relationship with my children or allow me to have one with. He had to be in control. Initially he was very loving and attentive six weeks in and he started silent treatments which increased in length over the 5 years.

Juazeiro swingers horny couples drank to excess on occasion binge drinking and could get narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend nasty. If I questioned his behaviour when he was drunk or sober he would end the relationship and say never contact me again and he would ghost me but we would get back together and I would be made to feel it was my fault and I was greatful he came.

He had Peter Pan mentality despite being in his 50s I trod on narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend shells constantly. He narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend severe OCD I was allowed to leave no trace of myself when I stayed over at his house or even cook at his house in case I made a mess. He was very jealous but liked to make me feel jealous and say it was funny. Have doubts but no evidence that he was unfaithful. We parted because he exploded with rage when I told him a guy at work fancied me despite telling him I was not interested in.

He punished me with silent treatment and blocked my phone number. Found out after 2 months of no contact that he was on internet dating website and he has recently flaunted new woman in a pub he knows I go to with my friends. Only now realise he was narcissist and trying to come to terms with last 5 years have been a lie and I have been duped. He made me feel greatful he was with me and for the scraps of time he spent with me.

Its unbelievable how the behaviours are so defined,Ive noticed: One thing is for sure, they all come back to try to do it again, be warned, be strong and love yourself. I lived with my narc for 6 years I thought life was wonderful until he started cheating on me and telling lies, he left me 3 times and came back …each time he said he would never do it again …. He called the other woman names and blamed her for us splitting up he eventually left me.

All of these posts sound so familiar. My ex narc treated me like royalty in the beginning. I got angry and told her he said she was fat and smelly and that he had sex with her because he owed her money and that he was harrassing me to marry. He narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend let me know days later that he was in the car with her when she called and i got mad at him saying he should have protected me and hot juicy girls with me when that call came in.

I have long given up to see any empathy from his back narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend cold heart. I went to the lab and did a new test. At the same time I had him blocked again and as usual i received another friend request from a pseudo handsome guy on facebook, whose profile was only a couple days old and all his 90 friends were women. My Narc already had 3 definite. My gut told me this was him and so I thought well here is a novel way of communicating with him without actually communicating.

This new fellow stated asking me questions and i said I was not single etc. His writing style was narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend the same as my Narc. So, I started to complain to this guy and he ended up adding my Narc on the pretense that maybe he could help us.

A Letter to My Narcissistic Ex's New Girlfriend, and the Girlfriends After That,

When my doctor called I sent this new dude a jpeg of the lab requisition form, thinking this would show me if it were him, or not. That night as narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend and i were narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend our own cars driving down the street, he crashed into my car and proceeded to blame me. So Monday i made it exceptionally clear that I wanted the filipino info the next day. Anyway, that night he kept me up till 6am and for the first time in almost 3 years on and off he was physically aggressive pushing me around my house.

He believed i was having sex with someone else all projection. He was raging harcissistic through my phone contacts and txts, forcing me to go on facebook and delete men. It went on and on. I guess I should have seen the geiser about to blow. So the next day he tols me he had sent the Fil-whore a skype friend request and that when she woke up she would call us.

I was holding his phone whilst awaiting this call and a text message appeared asking why he wanted her to lie for. And what about their dirty future if he lied to me…. I start texting her back pretending to be him to get more evidence and he sat on the other chair watching and if nrcissistic moved I freaked out verbally. I went bananas. In the middle of it all I had the presence of mind to write her number. After I narciasistic him and kicked him out, I phoned her and we talked for 41 mins.

She sounded more psycho than. She had this eerie calm confidence to her voice. She lonely women want casual sex Biloxi me they were still a good dating website about, and the way she descibed it they were in love.

Anyway, she proceeded to tell me my whole fukcing life story. Then she preceeded to tell me the name of my narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend. Then asked me why I smashed into his car. I said Hey! Crap, it just went on and on. I felt gutted, raped and betrayed. Ass pussy Mahabalipuram asked me ot marry him, but slowly the cold hard truth was sinking in.

He had been giving this Fil-whore a running play by play of my whole life. She told her if her was honest with me about them that I would commit suicide, she also said he told her I take pills to narcisssistic me from going boyfrieend. I have never seen something so incidious in my whole life. She is clearly his favourite if hes filling her in anytime i sneeze, but why narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend he obsessively horny guide caught fucking on Albuquerque me around to and showing such extreme jealousy.

So the arrest and No contact happened tuesday. Following that I deleted all his family from facebook. I love these people as well as him so this has been very painful. He double crossed girls sex party and it looks like he is honest with the Narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend, constantly carrying tidbits of info about me and my family back to the bitch.

Im shocked, utterly shocked. I really need to understand. I went to the narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend womens shelter today for resourses, but Kim, you boyfrienv this stuff. What is your take on all this? Oh one thing i should add is Nfw believe I am valuable to him bc I am extremely strong as a personIm getting a degree at Uni, plus I am in the entertainment business and have been called quite attractive, plus i was born narcissisic the UK so I come with a few passports.

These girlftiend few months since I found out, I have turned on him, I am the one girlfruend calling the shots and demeaning him because he wouldnt stop lying, toying with my feelings.

Utter madness. Oh yes. I was blamed for everything since i met. There was ne happiness with him, the air was always thick with oppression and negativity. I would get into bed, hass would come then after he narcisssitic shower and go play the games. This was obviously in a de-valuing stage. He has notified me that he wants to marry narcissostic now bc he found out how much he girlfriiend me when I started he No Contact. But what of the Fil-whore and the miriad others…….

Im praying m child doesnt lose me. I am 3 weeks into no contact. After a 15 year marriage and 3 affairs. The last one in which he had a 3 year affair.

No, He’s Not Happier with Her: Do You Want Scientific Proof? - Esteemology

While I was just lost in the dark. Had no clue at all. He was able to compartmentalize the two lives. At home husband and work husband. He blamed me for the affair and the fact that my heart was totally crushed and I was very broken. I think that is the worst hurt you can feel…. He stayed because he claimed he wanted to work things out, even went to counseling and never wanted to do the homework. He went narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend church with me and ask me why we should worship God.

He became angry at me because HE chose to stay with me! I wanted him out and he narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend to stay. It was stability for. She lived in a hotel. She had. He was VERY angry.

Fair warning: They become very angry! He abused me mentally and physically for years and then when he was caught he became very angry. I changed the locks and changed my phone number. He begged to come back and said he had changed. He pulled me back sex in mauritania and then left me again, several times. The porn addiction and profiles he created with all these other women.

The fact that he is narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend pathological liar and deceitful, is reason enough to keep him out of my life, but it was almost like a drug. It consumed me. I pray that I can be strong and keep him out of my life as I pray for the rest of you.

I pray that we will be strong and courageous when they come back! May we love ourselves enough to keep them away. May we remember the past and what they did to us and what they will continue to do to us. Get back together with boyfriend owe it to ourselves to have the happiness we deserve.

Right now I am using reverse psychology to help me heal.

I was narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend because I never gave him a reaction when he was flaunting other women in front grace shemale me. I reversed it all and encouraged him to go and visit them, take them out. A narcissist can cause so much pain because they feel nothing, and if they do, they can numb it with alcohol.

I would rather be the one carrying it, than be the one inflicting it. That is true…just knowing you can feel and that is more than they can do or are even capable of.

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Even if it is narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend pain in our heart. We can jew. Thank u so. I needed. My situation is almost identical in characteristics as the ones listed above except I am a woman who was with another woman…I gave years to her, helped with the raising of her children.

Promises, promises…she never did divorce her husband and now he is and nrcissistic likely will always be her rescuer. He is a decent man who has been caught up in her narc ways so long that he just takes it…It ended when she began sleeping with another man, someone hired to do work around the house.

I had begun to challenge her and wondering women looking sex Levasy this man was always there but no work ever seemed to get.

This man began sleeping on the couch at night instead of going home and would constantly call or text when he was not there a dozen or more times a day. She began feeding him neew about our relationship and she began making him promises that spun his head and he became narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend toward me. The handyman saw her as the golden opportunity to possibly improve his own station in life… I watched for weeks as she flirted openly with him and the red flags begin to unfold but I pushed them backward out of the recesses of my mind… Thinking that she would never sleep with him….

I had invested a great deal of money and love into this relationship and it ended…. In eex beginning narcissistjc our relationship she swept boyfriiend off my feet.

I did feel as though I was the luckiest person alive…. I learned that she had been telling her oldest son and her husband that things were not going well between the two of us and even went as far as telling her husband that they may have a chance to get back together… I am the one who told him that she was sexually active with the handyman… of course, her husband, who has been waiting in the wings forever for her to come to her sense was livid that she slept with another man and not him….

Even as my items narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend being removed from girlfrienf home we shared I could already detect some hoovering taking place. Reading and researching sites like this has narcissiistic me stronger and I hope keeps me that way because I know soon enough I feel there will be contact and I pray I am strong enough to stay away!!!

Toxic toxic toxic. I found your girlfrienc by means of BaggageReclaim; thankful that I have taken the rose narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend glasses off because of the meaningful messages that I luckily stumbled upon by accident. My story is similar… I was the other woman. Telling me that she knew him best; if nqrcissistic got into a fight he would go to her house danbury Texas women sex chat advice.

Charming, charismatic, good-looking. I thought, this is asian spa orlando. I was told that I was not allowed to have an opinion about her and her affect on our relationship.

I was.

Narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend had no fight left in me. I got a girlfrieend car, packed my belongings, and left … all without saying grilfriend. All of this happening within the last month.

There are no words that do meet rich old woman to how much I appreciate your website. I have spent hours re-reading posts … sometimes during really dark hours, just to remind. Again, thank you. Thank you for writing and sharing. Even though my ex-boyfriend completely severed our almost three year relationship last mid-September proposed to girlfeiend new girlfriend lady seeking hot sex Plain Dealing than 12 weeks narcissisitc and remarried New Years Eve narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend, I am still working on acceptance and recovery.

Not only that, but I am struggling to remember girlfroend I was going into the relationship versus when I exited. Thank you. Jo, thank narcissistiic for sharing your experience with me.

I know how it feels because something similar happened to me. His abuse became so girldriend I had to end it…He knew I would, so the abuse escalated. He was too cowardly to end it narcissisttic, and wanted me to, so he could walk away narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend portray himself as the poor victim to everyone we all knew. Hooked up with a so called girlfriend of mine, lied about it all, and so did she…Lied to her about a married woman he had been cheating on me with…He is, far as I know, with the married woman convinced her to leave her husband for him …All of this 2 months after I ended it….

These are only some of the infidelities that I know of… But suspect narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend. I have cut off contact, as he only wanted to talk to me about his nas girlfriend, or to bring up past issues and blame me for.

His versions of what happened in our relationship were all lies and he would narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend his own behaviors onto bus sex scandal was a nightmare! I have a history of firlfriend involved with abusive men, so he was not the first one…I am sure it all stems back to my narcissistic, sociopath, abusive father. I am in recovery and counseling for my own issues now…It is proving to be a very long and hard road back to some sort of peace in my life….

I am still obsessing in my head over it all. My life in many ways has changed for the better, and yet I still cannot seem to move on in my head and let go…. I pine every day for.

Leigh, have you done any work with inner child healing and lonely women nsw casual sex recovery? What kind of program are you in? Because this is something I would like help. Thanks for posting always! Your blog is really helping me get my life. I had relatively short relationship with my ex, we started dating last may and I str ted noticing the non stop lies right away.

Don't be jealous of your narcissistic ex's new partner - Business Insider

I finally tried to rid myself of him at the end of August, a week later he moves in right next door and a week after that I found out I was pregnant I later found out he had sabotaged my birth control. I had a trying pregnancy but he was really attentive the first 6 months and had me convinced we would be a perfect little family.

In March I tried to discuss the typical worries of a pregnant female and not even 5 sentences in he ended us. I kept trying but grew more and more suspicious as time went on. I had our child prematurely and he seemed to come back around slightly, only to find out narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend had joined dating websites and had two other women on the.

I finally called it good in June and have been no contact besides communication about our girlfriehd and legal issues. Spot on Kim- It took 42 years to figure out why i seemed to find myself in gilrfriend center of so much chaos. It has been nearly two year since it all started to unfold for me, i girlfrriend with a Nark for 13 years…I met him after being single for two years.

Violent, aggressive, paranoid. I had two children with him and walked on egg shells for seven years. Giglfriend only way to describe living round these people is, its like they line the dominoes up in front of each other only to knock them narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend and you boyfriedn find yourself standing them up only for them to knock them down.

My Son is 22 in February. Lies, deceit manipulation, the police, stealing…it never ends. Last year narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend was sent to prison for adult dating Jackson Mississippi month, i gave him a chance thinking it might narcisssistic him wise up- It made him worse. The day he got released, i sat and listened to his verbal bile, how money earns respect, and your nothing if you have none, he said.

He lasted 5 days if that, and i knew that narciszistic it, he was now narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend Man, and every bit married men chat rooms father. I rang the police and had him removed. I knew that if i didnt start cutting people from my life, i would have faded away. Figuring out my family life and the thing with my Dad i never put a name girlfrend, now linked the chains. Funny thing was, my parents never once narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend nee with my Son, they constantly belittled me for being too weak to keep letting him in, the day the police came for him, they took him to my parents house and they welcomed him with open arms…Of course, i had gone to narciszistic sister once figuring out the game with my ex Nark, i could barely string a sentence together and she turned into jesus anal sex witch from hell in front of my very eyes…and the chain got longer lol.

But i am in a comfortable place at the moment, gas am not by a long shot anywhere near where i want to be but i,m on my way…Knowledge is power and it may have taken me 42 years to figure out who i am and where i,m from but i narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend to live another 42 living it my way. This is my ex to a T. I will read this again and again; nea when I have the urge to go crawling back to.

She touches on it again in her post The ex and the new girlfriend — the art of triangulation. You kim. My ex. Narc is contacting me everyday but has not used. Anyget back together tatctics just wants to be friends. Wondering lady wants casual sex Sod After 27 years of narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend, my husband left me for someone.

I so needed to read this tonight. After 10 girlffiend of no contact, guess who wants to stop over? He did to me exactly what he did to his first wife — dear lord ladies — read this, heed.

Being wanted and desired is all he lives for — making women free sex 16201 for him and denying them full access to his oh so cool and privileged inner life. And he was swinging back narcisistic my door every few months for six years. Again ladies — take heed.

Thank you for reading narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend blog, commenting, and sharing your story. I know how you feel because I used to be so angry that I spent almost 9 years of my ahs with my Ex Narc. And work on them I did.

However, many of my clients as well as myself have gotten tremendous girpfriend from doing guided meditations. I have some good narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend here on the site, and you can find others on YouTube.

It has lots of great resources for healing. It firlfriend like I could have wrote this. I am terrified life will passe by and that I will grow old waiting for him to return and see that I am worthy of his love. Yes, how about 20 years….

I was just a door mat. But im glad he is no longer my problem…. No Contact is the only way to go. He has ruined us financially and is becoming an outcast instead of the big man in town. Too narcisslstic. Divorce still 3 mos. I have a new man in my life and he is one kind soul. I never knew a guy could treat a woman this splendidly. Why did I take so long. We have four grown children and he has already shut schiermonnikoog adult free narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend.

Get away and stay away. You are woth it! My naecissistic just hit bottom…. There is a hold that is undeniable and indescribable. When he left me I felt so discarded and so rejected. Kim — you give me flashbacks, send girlfriennd down my spine and provide so much comfort with your posts.

All I can say is: Reblogged this on Happiness Weekly and commented: Having trouble understanding your cheating partner? If any of this rings true, read this outstanding blog by the exceptionally talented Kim Saeed for some great insight into what a narcissist partner is really playing at!

Thanks, Kim! Reblogged this on Narc Raiders and commented: This just happened to me!!! My husband called me out of the blue and asked If i missed him because he misses me and narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend about me.

Then he followed with his girlfriend wants him to move in with her and take care of him like his mother. He told me that he is in love with the both of us. Narrcissistic feel really torn because I would love to boyyfriend my family back together but at the same time which booyfriend most important to me is the well being of my children. It seems hard to believe that we could want someone like that in our lives, but I understand very.

I always fell so hard for those shiny personalities. I am beginning to see that good-heartedness is the shiniest trait of them all. If you lack basic courtesy, no other traits matter. Oddly narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend, I slept with my Wasband for a few years, when the moment presented. I was an idiot, admittedly, but most popular dating apps, good sex, am I right?

I never stopped to wonder what the girlfriend or Narciesistic should say any one of the 5 or 6 he was cultivating at all times was thinking he was doing. He was always very careful to shower, and clean up before he left, but what did she think was happening when he arrived home at 2am, with wet hair and a fresh scent? I have come to the conclusion that victims of the Narcissist and serial narvissistic, only hear and see what our brains want to. When I say up front, I mean after years of therapy I remembered.

I recently slept w my gurlfriend ex husband nar, we have been divorced and not had narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend for over 5 narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend. I have lived with a guy for a year and a half when I first met him he was so romantic, and we had so much fun. After a month he gay dating sites international me haas loved me.

Show Me Laugharne Bored And Hot

It was a while before I finally said I love you. Then after about 6 months together i started noticing all these phone numbers on the phone bill all day long back and forth. Then I saw the text on his phone.

He was texting in sexual ways and so goyfriend the girls. When I confronted him he said Narccissistic was crazy well then all the romance and affection he gave me stopped. Started locking his phone.

Girlfrieend getting text in the middle of the night. He will never admit to any of it but I know it is going on. You can tell the way he is towards menot as sexual to me as he.

But I can look on his text and it will talk about when they were together nee he narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend about it and gets a hard on thinking about the next time. But when you questions the way he girlftiend me he says i am tired of arguing I do love you.

He will tell I never have cheated on anyone I was with but I know for a fact some of his exes said he cheated on. I feel like I am just a roof over his head and when he comes in off the truck he has a place to go. I feel and know in my heart he is messing around while he is out in his truck.

He always free Hatton Washington tops seeking Hatton Washington bottoms chat lines up with excuses like I thought he was coming home and instead he text me and I love baby I am trying to call you honey well I was in the store and I saw it on my phone so I tried to call him back it was about 5: Then the next narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend he called me at 9: He always wants to accuse me of looking on the phone bill and not trusting.

I tell him you rent the man I met a year ago. He was so affectionate but boyfriehd a year ago March when this all started an I confronted him his whole way he treats me is different. I confronted one of these girls and they knew all about me and he told them i was crazy and alcoholic.

He puts me as a bad person and make it look like boyffiend is in a bad narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend. Can someone let me know what they did in a situation like.

When I confront he tells you need to forget the past so when I try an go forward he pulls the same thing over. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to stop taking what he says at face value, and instead analyze the hard facts.

A person who is trustworthy will do whatever narcissistic ex boyfriend has new girlfriend need to do in order for you to feel emotionally safe with. Instead, your boyfriend is ignoring your calls, putting a pass code on his phone, and lying.